News Alert: Texas International Education Consortium Teams up 与 在线学习联盟, 全球远程教育权威

New Partnership to Support Educators in Worldwide Shift to 在线学习


(德克萨斯州奥斯汀- 2020年7月21日) — The Texas International Education Consortium (世界杯压球官方网站) and the 在线学习联盟 (OLC) announced today a new partnership to further collaborations between the two organizations on international online learning projects. 在一起, 世界杯压球官方网站 and the OLC will offer capacity-building programs internationally to further quality online teaching for educators and higher education systems globally.

世界杯压球官方网站 and OLC have established a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as a framework for cooperation in order to promote continuity of education, international development and capacity-building programs, and facilitate cross-institutional engagement for the enhancement of their programs.

“By working 与 the 在线学习联盟, we are able to bring a wealth of online learning expertise to our projects and partners overseas,希瑟·法马基斯说, Ph.D., 世界杯压球官方网站的首席学习官. “作为合作伙伴一起工作, we capitalize on the experience of 世界杯压球官方网站 and its member universities, 利用OLC的杠杆, and enhance the overall strength of our programs.”

The two organizations will work 与 foreign ministries of education and universities abroad to train faculty and 管理员 on the tools and best practices to make online learning successful.

“During this time of unprecedented disruption for students around the world, 世界杯压球官方网站 and OLC are committed to promoting global standards for online and digital learning,詹妮弗·马瑟斯说, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, the 在线学习联盟. “通过世界杯压球官方网站的伙伴关系, we look forward to exploring additional opportunities that leverage our combined resources and expertise in support of the global digital learning community.

世界杯压球官方网站 represents 31 Texas public universities and facilitates international education programs and partnerships on behalf of its members. The 在线学习联盟 is a global authority in online teaching and curriculum evaluation.

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About the Texas International Education Consortium:

The Texas International Education Consortium is an alliance of 31 public universities in Texas that facilitates and fosters international education programs and partnerships by, 与, 对其大学成员也是如此. Since 1985, 世界杯压球官方网站 has helped to connect Texas education 与 the world. From facilitating long term institutional partnerships to identifying new and innovative short and long-term professional and educational hosting opportunities, 世界杯压球官方网站 is an invaluable resource to Texas higher education. 世界杯压球官方网站 also hosts a highly respected training institute based at its headquarters in Austin that hosts study abroad programs, professional training programs for teachers from around the globe, 强化英语, and university pathways programs for international students and university to university matchmaking programs between 世界杯压球官方网站  members and international counterparts.

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The 在线学习联盟 (OLC) is a collaborative community of higher education leaders and innovators dedicated to advancing quality digital teaching and learning experiences designed to reach and engage the modern learner – anyone, 在任何地方, 任何时候. OLC inspires innovation and quality through an extensive set of resources, 包括最佳实践出版物, 质量基准, 尖端的指令, 社区驱动的会议, 基于实践和实证的研究, 专家指导. The growing OLC community includes faculty members, 管理员, 培训师, 教学设计者, 以及其他学习专业人士, 以及教育机构, 专业协会, 公司制企业. 欲知详情,请浏览



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